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Revered Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium, Tarot, Oracle Card Reader
and Qualified Holistic Therapist in Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire.

Linda Harvey

An Introduction

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Linda Harvey Clairvoyant, Psychic and Medium

Hello my name is Lin and I am a Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium, Tarot Reader, Oracle Card Reader, Reiki Master and Qualified Holistic Therapist based in Stoke-on-Trent.

I discovered my special gift as a young child and in my adult life have put it to good use for many years.
During my time, I’ve had my share of ups and downs and was widowed at the age of 49.  I lost both my parents at a young age and endured endless relationships where I have loved and lost.  In short… My life has proved to be one incredible roller coaster journey.  Along the way, I’ve been fortunate to meet many amazing and spiritual people from all walks of life, some of whom I believe to be angels walking this plane.
Since I lost my husband several years ago, I have explored in further depth all aspects of spirituality and it’s been a great help to me along my path of grieving.
In gratitude, I now use my skills to help others that struggle with great turmoil or grief.  As such, I have much empathy for anyone who has traversed a path similar to mine… Loving, losing and having to straighten out the personal kinks and challenges we face in our cycle of life.

Believe me when I say that nothing pleases me more than to have made a connection with someone from the ‘spirit world’ and pass on the messages that I receive to their loved ones on this plane. I take pride in the ability to give one hope and comfort from my readings. When your resistance is low, it’s gives me great pleasure to offer some answers to lifes dilemas.

I have attended numerous workshops and development circles and feel that my gift is extremely fine-tuned.  I’ve many satisfied clients and one kindly described me by saying ‘You are the woman who has turned my life around completely and changed me for the best beyond my wildest dreams – You’ve played a big part in transforming me and I will be forever grateful.

Spiritual Therapies:

I love the holistic approach to my work, to which I offer great dedication, giving Crystal Healing/Reiki/Massage to anyone keen to tackle their anxieties and aches and pains in a Holistic way – please find more details within the website.

Pick up your phone, make an appointment, you can be assured of a warm welcome.

'From Tea Leaves to Tarot'
Book publication by Linda Harvey

The author has written this book of her life to help those with or without a spiritual side to their nature to understand the trials and tribulations of a typical Psychic and Medium. It is her own personal journey through anguish and torment and laughter and love. Sometimes hindsight is not a wonderful thing as you will see as you traverse her path. It will take you through her lifetime with all the roller coaster issues and is full of spiritual advice. It has not been written out of ego but for those who wish to explore the avenues of spiritualism, with the hope of restoring any lost faith.

Maybe, there will be just one sentence in this book that will resonate with you and set you thinking and help you to traverse your own path. It is of course derived from her own personal experiences and she is aware that there is no scientific proof to substantiate what occurs after death. Look out for all those signals, like simple calling cards from the angels in the form of feathers in appropriate places.

This publication is written for entertainment purposes only.
This book makes for excellent reading for yourself and a perfect gift for family or friends who are interested in any aspect of the Spiritual.

To order please simply send an email stating that you wish to place an order by using the link below,
or if you prefer please leave a message on the contact page, I will respond to you with details of how to place your order.
The cost is £8.00 plus £1.75 postage and packaging - or the book is available to purchase direct from Linda.

For bookings of 2 or more, a £10.00 deposit per person is required by online bank transfer. This deposit will only be refunded if alterations or cancellations are made more than 7 days prior to the booking date.

If for any reason I have to cancel your booking, your deposit will be refunded in full.

Telephone Readings are also available | Payment via Paypal

"Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love and happiness"

Just because I cannot see you does not mean that I cannot read for you! For you to have found me means that I’ve found you, for there is a reason behind being drawn to my site… We mortals call it fate

A warm welcome awaits

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