Life after Death & Psychic Readings

Come to me, all you who are weary
and burdened, and I will give you rest
Matthew 11:20 -30

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The world is full of all sorts of Religious movements and each has its own concept of what lies beyond.

One will never know for sure until it is our time, but how nice is it to believe that when a loved one goes to the spirit world, that they go to a nice place and we will at some point be reunited. Having a faith is halfway there in the healing process, from the grief that losing a loved one bestows upon you.

I have given many psychic readings to people who have been amazed at how accurate I am in channelling information – that can only come from the spirit world, facts that I could not have otherwise known. It has brought them great comfort and pleasure at having made the connection.  It gives substance to Spiritualism / psychic / medium credence and first class evidence that our loved ones draw close and have not left us, but simply exist in a world that is so close to ours.

Everyone has a sixth sense, an intuition, and inner voice and we all get the little notions of things that are about to happen and they do. We have our own spirit guides who work along side us from the womb to the grave and once you have connected with your spirit guide you will notice your intuition expanding and be overwhelmed at how you can be led safer along your life path.

My spirit guide is no one special, except to me. I don’t profess to having monks or red Indian chiefs who work with me. Instead I have a young lady named Caroline who in her previous life was a hand-maiden to aristocracy and she comes to me with answers on love, trust and emotions. I also have an Italian gent named Anton who in his previous life was a fisherman. He helps me with aspects of finance, luck and property.

If you are interested in meditation and the rewards and peace that comes from it and meeting your own spirit guide,  private classes are available on a one to one basis – please feel free to contact me if this is of interest.  In addition, along with the meditation class and meeting one’s own guide, I give a free taster session of Reiki.

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